Images from the Whig Party Almanac - 1845
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The Whig Party, was one of the 2 major political parties in the United States during the second quarter of the 19th century, formed to oppose president Andrew JACKSON and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Their direct antecedant was the National Republican Party of the John Quincy Adams era, and their descendant is the Republican party of today. For a bit of the history of the Whig Party click this link -- Whig Party History

Front Cover - Whig Party Almanac - 1845

Page 14 - Showing December, 1845 Calendar data for Boston, New York City, Baltimore, and Charleston. People set their clocks by the sunrise and sunset data in the almanac.

Page 15 - Beginning an article of what people could learn from the past and expect for the future.

Page 16 - Page 2 of the article.

Page 17 - Page 3 of the article.

Page 18 - Voting Results of Previous Presidential Elections

Page 19 - An introduction to the history of the Declaration of Independence and the beginning text of the Declaration..

Page 20 - page 2 of the Declaration of Independence

Page 21 - Showing signatures on the Declaration, and the beginning text of the Constitution of the United States.

Page 22 - Page 2 of the Constitution.

Page 23 - Page 3 of the Constitution.

Page 24 - Page 4 of the Constitution.

Page 25 - Page 5 of the Constitution, showing the amendments with Titles of Nobility and Honor Amendment 13 in place.

Last Page showing a Prospectus for the year 1845.

Back Cover - Whig Almanac - 1845 - Advertisement for other useful books.

People of that day were much in tune with the political happenings of their day, and studied the almanacs thoroughly. Not having Radio, Films, Video Games and TV to fritter away their time, and by and large, they were much more well read than citizens of today.

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